Our Services


We assess each project individually. Your custom crate is designed specifically and assembled on-site for your item to be secured for transport. We build the best crate to protect your materials in the most cost effective and time sensitive manner. 

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We will create the perfect custom crate for your needs. 

We assemble, build and securely pack on-site.

Custom Built Crating

We build crates specifically designed to secured your items for transport.

Tradeshow Crating

Our trade show crates are highly customizable and often have special features like hinged doors and lids, locks, andlatches. We offer foam bracing and latches on inside for "white glove" crating and uncrating. Re-usable crates are also high quality and designed to be more durable to withstand the wear and tear of performing multiple round trips.

International Crating
(ISPM Compliant)

We build ISPM-15 certified wood crates. We supply complete documentation and forms completion.

Vapor Barrier Crating

We can provide moisture prevention bagging/vapor barrier bagging to prevent moisture damage.

Onsite Packing and Crating

Our crew will deliver crates or pallets and fully pack and photo document entire crating process.

Crate Monitoring

We provide shock watch mounting for crate monitoring.

Crate and Pallet Delivery

Whether 1 crate or 100 crates, we deliver on time and work with short turnaround times. 

FREE Estimates

A crating engineer will analyze your crating needs and come up with a crating solution and price.